Cliff Blaster

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This game requires Java 5 or higher. If you can't run applets, use this launcher.

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Or maybe try the JNLP file


WASD for movement
Space to jump
Escape to release mouse
1-9 to select item from the hotbar
Scrollwheel to scroll through hotbar
B to open the tool bin
G to spawn a friend

The game saves automatically when you leave, but you can press enter to force saving.

This game is very in development, so expect bugs! Report any in this discord:

This game is clearly inspired by Minecraft, down to the game engine. The game is not intended to be a clone of Minecraft. As progress continues, it will stray further and further from it. No copyright infringement is intended. If you enjoy the game in this state, check out Minecraft at It's great!

Cliff Blaster is © Copyright 2020 Vulpovile.